Shipping Policy

No matter where you are, our exquisite pearl jewelry pieces will reach your doorstep. We offer free worldwide shipping through a reliable shipping partner. Learn more about our shipping service here.

Key Features of Our Shipping Policy

We are always striving to offer a smooth, easy, and convenient buying experience to our customers. Once you purchase from us, you will be able to enjoy the following aspects of our shipping service:

  • Free Shipping: We take pride in offering free shipping services to our customers through our shipping partner. Even when you are returning a product, you are eligible for free shipping through our service provider.
  • Safe and Insured: You will never have to worry about the safety of our products because we work with a trustworthy shipping partner. Moreover, we cover insured shipping solutions. Therefore, loss or damage to your jewelry items while in transit will get thoroughly compensated.
  • Gift Packing: When you are ordering our exquisite jewelry items for your loved ones, you can avail of our gift box delivery service. We will beautifully wrap the items in special gift boxes to help you win hearts and shower your sincere love.
  • Transparent Shipping Process: When you order from us, you will come across a transparent and hassle-free shipping process. As soon as you dispatch your shipment, you will receive an email. Customers are provided with all the tracking information so that they can remain updated about the status of their package.

How Long Do We Take to Ship Your Products?

Ordering from us means no longer having to wait for your pearl jewelry for an eternity. We take around 7 days to dispatch the products after receiving an order from our customers and confirming it. After the product has been shipped, the package will usually appear at your desired address within a maximum of 4 to 5 days. 

We aim to make your deliveries as fast as possible. But at times, shipping delays might occur due to uncertain circumstances. In case of any unexpected delay in shipping, we try to sort it out as soon as possible by collaborating with our shipping partner.

We enhance the security of your packages by following these measures:

  • Insure all items as per their highest value.
  • Rely on a trustworthy shipping service provider to deliver all your packages.
  • Make deliveries only to home or business addresses.
  • Demand a signature from the receiver while delivering the product.

Shipping During Holidays and Weekends

We ship your packages from Monday to Saturday. Our shipping service via a trustworthy partner is unavailable on National holidays like the following:

  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas Holiday
  • Easter Holiday
  • New Year’s Holiday

Shipping Address Changes

If you have entered the wrong address while ordering, you need to inform us within 24 hours of placing it. You should also inform us within 24 hours of placing the order in case of any other issue related to an address. Once we have already shipped your product, making any change to the address is not allowed. But we offer the highest level of cooperation in resolving all address-related issues.