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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Do Pearls make good Engagement Rings?

    For the kind of bride who is all about elegance and sophistication, Pearl Engagement Ring is the perfect way forward. In fact, beyond its aesthetics, it is regarded as the symbol of purity, romance, integrity, and loyalty (thus lending more meaning to your betrothal ring).

  2. Why do people wear Pearl Engagement Rings?

    We have seen couples turning to Pearl Engagement Rings for many good reasons for as long as we can remember. Their aesthetics and meaningful symbolism undeniably take most credit. Not only do they stand out for their sophisticated, elegant, and absolutely timeless appeal but are also treasured as the symbol of purity, integrity, loyalty, and romance. So all in all, a Pearl Engagement Ring speaks to the couple in all beautiful ways, which makes them such a prized possession.

  3. How long do Pearl Engagement Rings last?

    If subjected to the right care and maintenance, a Pearl Engagement Ring can last a lifetime!

    Yes, we know Pearls are anything but a durable gemstone, but if you swear by the right professionally prescribed precautionary measures and maintenance tips, you can keep them far away from any potential damages. After all, they are reputed for being passed down generations.

  4. Is it ok to wear a Pearl Ring everyday?

    The kind of care and maintenance you subject your Pearl Ring to would answer that!

    Pearls are rewarded with a below par hardness rating of 2.5 to 4 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. So, that naturally suggests that it needs to be dealt with proper care, maintenance, and precautions in order to avoid exposure to potential damages if you wish to flaunt your Pearl Ring everyday.

  5. What is the 3 month rule for engagement rings?

    The always talked about 3 month rule for buying engagement ring is a conventional adage which suggests that the buyer must spend salary worth of 3 months on the engagement ring. Well if we take a quick look to its history, you’d find out that it started out as nothing but a marketing campaign. In fact, we’d always recommend to consider your budget and preferences before you go about following it since there are no hard and fast rule that can dictate how much you should really spend.

  6. How do I choose the right Pearl Engagement Ring?

    Choosing the right Pearl Engagement Ring starts with verifying if it has been certified by a reputable gemological laboratory for its quality and authenticity. Besides that, see to it that the Pearl showcases a sharp and bright luster, a rich and evenly saturated color, a smooth surface quality, thick nacre, and a desirable shape.