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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What does a Black Pearl Earring mean?

    In complete justice to their bold hue, Black Pearl Earrings symbolize power, strength, independence, mystery, and riches. Some even believe slipping them on can protect the wearer from negative energies as well as serve as a symbol of hope for wounded hearts.

  2. Can you shower with a Black Pearl?

    It is always recommended to take off your Black Pearl Earrings since chemicals from soaps and shampoos can pose significant damage to it. Besides, over exposure to water would also do no good to your Pearls.

  3. What zodiac can wear Black Pearl?

    Wearing Black Pearls is astrologically recommended for those native to the Zodiac signs of Aries, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

  4. Can Black Pearls get wet?

    It is advisable to always keep your Black Pearl Earrings from getting wet. While some amounts of water won’t do any harm to them, chemicals from soaps and shampoos or chlorine while you wear them in the shower/swimming pool absolutely will. Besides that, over exposure to water can also cause damage to the material/setting that holds the gemstone in place.

  5. How do you pick a good Black Pearl?

    Black Pearl that boasts a thick nacre, fewer blemishes, rich color, and high luster qualifies as good quality. Besides that, the ones that are significantly large in size (around 14 mm) and spherical in shape are also considered high value. Always remember to purchase Black Pearl Earrings that have been legitimately certified for their quality and authenticity by a reputable gemological laboratory.

  6. Are Black Pearls more expensive?

    While the quality of the said Pearl eventually decides its pricing, but thanks to their rarity, Black Pearls are generally considered more expensive than their white counterparts.