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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What does a Black Pearl Necklace symbolize?

    Black Pearl Necklace is proudly worn as a symbol of strength, power, independence, and status. Not just that, it is also believed to ward off negative energies, bestows great healing powers, and serves as a symbol of hope for wounded hearts.

  2. What makes a Black Pearl valuable?

    The exotic beauty of Black Pearl Necklace undeniably makes it a prized possession in everyone’s jewelry box. Coming across a Pearl that is so rich and intensely dark in its body color is a rare sight. Besides that, Black Pearls are not as abundantly found as their white counterparts, which further fuels their value.

  3. Is there a Real Black Pearl?

    Black Pearls that are native to Pinctada Margaritifera (a Black-lip oyster usually found in the islands of French Polynesia, Tahiti) are considered as natural or real. They will generally boast an iridescent shine, rich and dark color, heavy weight, a slightly colder temperature, slight imperfections (resulting from the mollusk leaving its fingerprint during the formation). So all these factors should be kept in mind when you’re looking to tell them your Real Black Pearl Necklace apart from its synthetic counterparts.

  4. Can anyone wear Black Pearl Necklace?

    Well the choice to wear a Black Pearl Necklace eventually boils down to each individual’s personal preference. But its timeless class and versatility undeniably makes it a favorite of all. Besides that, wearing a Black Pearl is astrologically considered extra beneficial for those going through a financial crisis, dealing with depression, anxiety, blocked chakras, skin problems, and hurt feelings.

  5. What’s the best way to clean Black Pearl Necklace?

    Cleaning a Black Pearl Necklace isn’t as difficult as you may think. All you have to do is gently wipe off the surface with a soft, damp cloth to do away with all the accumulated dirt and grime. However if the stains are visibly stubborn, try mixing a lukewarm solution of water and mild detergent/soap, immerse a soft cloth in it, and gently wipe off the surface of your Pearl with it.