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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are Pearl Stud Earrings?

    Standing out for their classic and minimalist appeal, Pearl Stud Earrings sit snug against the earlobe through a metal post while letting the main stone of Pearl serve as the main center of attraction. Dressed up or down, they are meant to be flaunted everyday!

  2. Can I wear Pearl Stud Earrings everyday?

    There is no denying that Pearl is a relatively softer gemstone. It strikes a below par hardness rating of 2.5 to 4 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which makes it quite vulnerable to damages, breakage, and chipping.

    So if you’re planning on wearing them everyday, you can’t be sloppy with its care and maintenance. Make it a ritual to abide by all the professionally prescribed tips and tricks to avoid letting the everyday wear and tear get the better of your Pearl Stud Earrings.

  3. Can you shower with Pearl Studs?

    A big no!

    Taking a shower with your Pearl Studs on not only exposes them to the detrimental effects from prolonged exposure to water (often damaging the adhesive that attaches the Pearl to its metal setting), but also causes them to lose their luster on exposure to chemicals from soaps and shampoos.

  4. What is the best size for Pearl Stud Earrings?

    While the ultimate choice boils down to your personal preference, the average size preferred for Pearl Stud Earrings lies between 7-8 MM. You can go for a smaller or bigger size depending upon whether you wish for a dainty or extravagant look.

  5. Can you wear Pearl Stud Earrings with everything?

    Absolutely, yes!

    If there is any accessory out there that goes with just about everything, it is Pearl Stud Earrings. It brings together the minimalist and classic appeal of stud design with the elegance and timelessness of Pearls. So you can go from teaming them up with your formals for a meeting ready look or casuals for a subtle look to complementing your party-wear ensembles with them for a touch of elegance,

  6. How do you take care of Pearl Stud Earrings?

    Abiding by a few tried and trusted tips and tricks goes a long way in preserving the beauty and quality of your Pearl Stud Earrings. Let’s take a look:

    • Gently wipe Pearls with a soft, damp cloth to eliminate the build up of oils, dirt, and debris.

    • Storing Pearls in airtight containers, sealed bags, or safety deposit boxes is never a good idea since they are vulnerable to the risk of cracking as a result of the lack of moisture.

    • To preserve their luster at best, remember to avoid exposing your Pearls to harmful cosmetic chemicals, acids, and alkaline. Here’s a handy tip: Put on your Pearl Studs only once you have applied your makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical-loaded products and take them off first thing before you go to the bed.

    • It comes as no surprise that Pearl is a relatively durable gemstone, which exposes it to the risk of breakage and accidental damages. To keep it at bay, make sure to take it off before indulging in strenuous physical activities like gardening, cooking, washing dishes, etc.

    • Don’t forget to store your Pearl Studs separately in a soft pouch or soft linen jewelry box to keep it from getting scratched by harder gemstones.

  7. Who should wear Pearl Earrings?

    While any and everyone can wear Pearl Earrings, it is especially recommended to those native to the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces to enjoy the manifold astrological benefits that they offer.