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Tahitian Pearls with their modern twist on the classic white pearl, are making waves in the jewelry world. Did you noticed same?

If so, then you must be curious to know how?
Exceptional beauty and unique allure of Tahitian pearls differentiates them from all the other pearls of world.

These alluring pearls are captivating hearts with their dark and rich hues, making them truly Unique. When it comes to Tahitian pearls, their color stands out as the most discussed parameter.

A Quick Recap On, What are Tahitian Pearls

A beautiful Tahitian pearl, classified as a gem, is created within the shell of black-lipped pearl oysters. Most of the Tahitian pearls come from the Pteriidae family of marine bivalve mollusks. This fascinating pearl production cycle takes minimum two years to complete.

Tahitian pearls symbolize protection, wealth, wisdom and purity. And it brings additional benefits for June born babies. These pearls are not only black, they are available in wide range of colors, shapes and overtones.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls Distinctive Origin

Although Tahitian pearls resemble in their name with Tahiti, but they originate from warm waters of French Polynesia, around the islands of Tahiti.

Growth of a pearl stimulates with the insertion of a nucleus into the reproductive organ (gonad) of oyster. To influence the color of pearl, another oyster’s piece of mantle tissue is also inserted along with the nucleus. This also helps oyster in secreting nacre around the bead which gives characteristic iridescence to pearls.

This distinctive origin which involves a little intervention by humans in the natural pearl formation process results in beautiful and high quality pearls.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls Stunning Color Range

Remarkable range of colors, which is usually a combination of overtones and undertones, actually distinguishes Tahitian pearls from traditional white pearls. These bold and dramatic gems, can be seen in wide range of colors from, classic black to more unusual shades like green, blue, and even pink.

Most popular colors are black, silver-gray and green. Biodiversity and unique climatic conditions in which these gems are formed, are responsible for these exotic hues.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls distinctive luster

Mesmerizing luster of Tahitian pearls defines it’s beauty and value. The quality and intensity of light reflected from surface of pearl, refers to pearl's luster. Luxurious glow of Tahitian pearls, caused by luster enhances allure and beauty of the gem.

Unique structure and nacre thickness, mainly contribute in formation of luster.

Pearls high luster indicates pearl’s healthy growth conditions and adequate cultivation time. And it also determines the value of a pearl. High luster pearls often carry high price tag and are more in demand too.

Exceptional Beauty of Tahitian Pearls

Exceptional beauty of the pearl is all due to its unique color ranges and shapes. From Bold black for statement lovers to subtle silvers for those with elegant people, these gifts of nature can be adorned in different jewel pieces.

Our experts craft classic and trending jewelry styles and designs to showcase the magnificent essence of these gems.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls Cultural Significance

Cultural significance of Tahitian pearls adds value to their identity. Besides symbolizing wealth, prosperity and fertility, they are also treasured as prestige and status symbols.

The symbolic meaning and benefits it brings as birthstone, adds an extra layer of allure to these pearls.

Reasons you Must Have Tahitian Pearls:

  1. Neutral color of Tahitian pearl matches with almost all types of skin tones and can easily complement your formal as well as casual attires.

  2. They make an excellent investment, as are valuable and becoming rare too.

  3. If cared well, luster of these pearls can last for decades and these luxurious pieces can be passed as heirlooms.

  4. They are affordable in comparison to other gems.

  5. These stunning pearls are bigger than white pearls.

  6. Tahitian pearls are unique and available in a variety of designs.

Wrapping Up:

Timeless elegance of Tahitian pearls is captivating admirers. Their unique allure which lies in their distinctive luster, stunning color or origin is attracting people worldwide. These exotic and luxurious pearls look stunning whether adorned as single or in strands. They are a must-have addition to you jewelry collection as they offer versatility, complement almost all types of skin tones and attire and can be cherished as heirlooms. Tahitian pearls symbolize wealth and prosperity, that makes them highly desirable.

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