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White pearls have been treasured in jewelry for ages, admired for their beauty and meaning. Passed down as heirlooms, these classy gems have continued to captivate enthusiasts with their modern designs. However, despite their enduring popularity, misconceptions about white pearls persist, leading to confusion among admirers. Let's check out some of the interesting myths related to the white pearl and uncover the truth behind them.
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What Exactly Pearl is?

Pearl the oldest astrological gemstone on earth is quite popular for the elegance it adds to jewelry pieces. These pure. and luminous gems are produced in Mollusks such as oysters and mussels. The color, size, and shape of the pearl entirely depend on the creature’s type and the place where the oyster lives.
Symbolizing purity, wisdom, and spirituality these beautiful gems are used in jewelry due to their versatile nature.

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    1. Myths Related to the Origin of Freshwater Pearls

      • According to Ancient Persian legend, pearls were created by the meeting of the rainbow from the sky and earth. This happens after a storm.  Thunder and lightning were responsible for imperfections noticed in pearls.

      • According to Ancient Egyptian Legend pearls were considered of very high value. Pearls were buried with their dead body. One of the famous myths is related to Cleopatra, the famous ruler of Egypt, who drank a wine glass with a pearl of her earrings. She just wanted to show that the entire nation's wealth could be consumed in just one gulp.

      • Japanese Legend believed that pearls were created from the tears of mythical creatures. Nymphs, mermaids, and angels were all included in this creation.

      • According to Greek Mythology,  pearl origination is related to Aphrodite’s birth, the goddess of beauty and love. She was born from the foam of the ocean, and small droplets falling from her body crystallized into pearls,  as she emerged.

      • Another myth concludes that the tears of Adam and Eve created pearls. When they cast out of heaven, they cried bitter tears, which turned into a lake of pearls. Eve's tears were white and Adam tear’s were black, which gave birth to white and black pearls. As women cry more than men's, so we have more white pearls than black.

      truth: The true story of the creation of pearls is simple, and completes in the earth’s surface. They are created inside mollusks in the ocean floor.

    2. About their Color and Purity

      • Pearls are Only White Colored

        This is again a myth as pearls are not always white. They can range in color from everything in between white to black. White, cream, and yellow are the most common colors.

      • Only White Pearls are Real and Colored Pearls are Fake

        This is truly a misconception as both white and colored pearls are real. White pearls associated with elegance, produced by mollusks come in a variety of colors, as discussed above.
        In the same way, colored pearls available in a wide range of hues are also produced naturally through the oyster’s environment. The pearl dyeing process is adopted to enhance or change the pearls' color, but these pearls are authentic.
        An Edison violet pearl is equally  "pure" or real that is,  as a natural white pearl.

    3. Myths Related to Value

      White pearls are Expensive, again a myth.

      White pearls are easily available and less expensive than colored ones. A number of factors can affect their price and value, like the pearl's quality and cultivation method (natural or produced).
      For example, the cost of a cultivated-colored pearl would be less than that of a genuine white pearl.
      They are available in various prices, so you can definitely find a good one, whatever may be your budget.

    4. Historical and Symbolical Beliefs Related to White Pearls

      White Pearls are symbols of Purity and Chastity

      During Roman times pearls were considered as a symbol of purity, virginity, and the Virgin Mary. But with changing times they were considered possessions of rich people. Nowadays they relate to more material wealth, power, social standing, etc.
      Pearls have become a choice of  celebs and people who are more into show off, carry them as a mark of prestige. From teens to grannies, all love to carry them for their big and small occasions.

      Pearls are Tears of God

      Pearls are often astrologically connected with Venus, as like pearls they were also born off the sea. They are also referred to be the tears of Gods, because of their unique form, scarcity, hue, purity, and fertility.

      White Pearls are Daughters of the Moon

      Similarity in shape, color, and origin that is from the ocean, makes white pearls popular as the daughter of the moon or moon drops.

    5. Pearls are Only Round Shaped

      Pearls are  perfectly  round in shape, and they are symmetrical. This is a common belief and we pay great heed to this parameter while buying these pearls. However, this is not true.

      truth: Natural pearls are noticed in different shapes like baroque, off-round, drop, round, pear, button, oval, and more. However, perfectly round shaped pearls are considered of high quality and valued more. But, these pearls are becoming rare.

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  1. Superstitions Related to their Wearing

    A quite popular superstition is that pearls should not be on wedding days or engagements, as they represent tears and sadness. They were believed to bring bad luck.

    truth: This is not true, as these beautiful gemstones can add spark to your wedding attire and make you look gorgeous. Another proof of this recorded from Indian history is that Lord Krishna gave pearls at his daughter's wedding, which he found on sea-beds.
    Another myth about pearls is that these stones can cure jaundice and can also prevent a snake bite or insect bite.
    According to some, divers are protected from shark attacks if they wear pearls because they were also discovered from the sea.
    These are all misconceptions and not at all true.

  2. Pearls  Should Not Be Gifted

    According to a myth pearls bring tears and sadness, so they should not be gifted to anyone, neither they should be accepted as gifts. This myth adds that if not purchased by yourself, pearls can bring bad luck.
    One solution according to this myth is that whenever someone gifts you a pearl, you should offer them money in return. This act can cancel out the bad luck the pearl can bring.

    truth: Pearls are romantic gifts that symbolize luck and wealth. So you can easily gift them without any second thought.

  3. Pearl Harvesting Kills Marine Life

    truth: About 95% of the pearls are cultivated. Pearl growing process is very simple and mollusks are not at all harmed or killed for producing pearls. A single mollusk can create many pearls.
    Due to the water population and a number of environmental factors, finding natural pearls is difficult. so this is not at all true.

  4. Pearls are Outdated

    truth: Pearls have been loved for a long time, their versatile nature has helped artisans in crafting elegant pieces with a modern touch. It's an astrological gemstone, which is crafted with diamonds and colored stones for amazing styles.

  5. Pearls Need More  Care and Cleaning

    truth: This is not true, like other gemstones, we should take little care of these precious to maintain their long life.  Their delicate surfaces can be damaged if they are cleaned too often.

  6. Pearls should be Stored in an airtight environment

    One more myth that talks about the storage of white pearls is the airtight environment, which is completely wrong. This is not at all helpful in maintaining the beauty of these pearls.

    truth: Studies reveal that white pearls should not be locked, they should be preserved in breathable fabric spaces. You can choose a satin-lined leatherette envelope or in a silk bag for this.

Wrapping Up

Above discussed myths have been debunked, as they were not at all true. Pearls are beautiful astrological gems that have been valued since times and will never go out of fashion. So, if you are confused about their origin, shape, color, or authenticity, check out the discussed points for clarity.  They can be easily gifted and worn on big or small occasions, as they are all available at a wide range of prices. So if you are planning to purchase them focus on their quality instead of worrying about these myths.

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